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      Start Accepting Credit Cards Today


Connect High Risk Merchant Services payment platform to your

CBD website so your customers can checkout and pay in 100+ currencies.

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Online pharmacy businesses are under intense attack from many different directions. The merchant should find a firm that is an experienced credit card processor that carries a strong interest in protecting a merchant’s right to maintain their business.  With several years of experience serving pharmacy merchant accounts, we understand the complexities of setting up online pharmacy merchant accounts. 

With an online pharmacy merchant account, you will be able to accept credit card payment over the internet or by manually entering transactions through an online virtual terminal.  We carefully review each potential customer and tailor a solution for your needs whether it may be a domestic or foreign solution.

By choosing HRMS you will get an easily adjustable volume cap for your pharmacy merchant accounts. Not only will you be able to do business at your own growth rate you also will not have to worry about possible shut down due to volume restrictions. HRMS offers NO volume caps for online pharmacies so they can continue to accept credit cards and accept checks.  We always tailor a Solution to your individual needs.

All Accounts have an MID Registration fee. No Reserves with Unlimited Monthly Processing and No Chargeback Payment Gateway. Payout schedules are funded on a daily basis.

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