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HRMS Finance Online Banking
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HRMS offers a wide range of card programs for partners, employers, and merchants. We work with institutions and card issuers to offer you the most flexible, comprehensive, and best-fit applications to compliment your current or planned card programs.

With HRMS Finance, DISTRIBUTORS AND THEIR RESELLERS enjoy revenue from initial sales as well as commissions for the life of the card PLUS our unique tracking and reporting programs.

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Instant Issue Cards
HRMS Finance has created the easiest, most advanced system for selling and loading prepaid cards, creating long-term in-store profit centers. The HRMS Finance Instant Issue program includes an instant issue and a personalized signature card upgrade designed for retail sales.


Direct Personalized Cards
The HRMS Finance Personalized MasterCard is perfect for applications like payroll, providing faster, more efficient and lower cost funds distribution than paper checks.

​Private Label Card Option
Private label programs are available to our distributors . In every way, our clients will appear to their customers as owners of their own Card Management System.

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HRMS Finance card is issued by Bankcard Services Finance™ pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated

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