High Risk Merchant Services Affiliate Program

Are you an ISO, Agent / MSP looking to make some extra money?

Join the High Risk Merchant Services Affiliate Program. Our affiliates play an important role in our network. Do you regularly link with businesses that could use our services?

We approve more deals than anyone.


We don’t shop your account around with any other processor, ISO or agent. High Risk Merchant Services has its own in-house banking, ACH and private platform processing solution along with our in-house underwriting.


Here’s the process:


  1. Fill out an online form with the merchant’s information

  2. We handle all of the communication, rate reviews, questions, etc!

  3. After your High Risk Merchant is approved we notify you 

  4. You receive monthly reports detailing referrals, conversions and Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this an Agent/ISO program? No

High Risk Merchant Services handles all of the selling for all accounts and for the best customer service experience possible, we give your merchant the red carpet treatment.


Q:  How many times can I refer?

Unlimited on referrals. You can share with as many merchants as you want!


Q: Can I refer outer affiliates?

Yes! If you send us another affiliate, we send you a % of the fees from the accounts

THEY send us! Easy Money


Q: What countries and industries do you serve?

 We can place merchants from virtually any country or industry.


*Requirements are two new referrals a month.

*Receive $500 dollars for every referral when approved and 50% of the gross monthly.

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