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Payment Platform at Your Fingertips

High Risk Merchant Services private platform processing with fintech plays an important role in our network.

High Risk Merchant Services is the operator of the platform that communicates user instructions for funds transfers through our financial network

All transfers are performed by High Risk Merchant Services financial network. All settlement funds are insured by High Risk Merchant Services financial platform. High Risk Merchant Services financial payment services provided by High Risk Merchant Services®.

High Risk Merchant Services payments are typically available the same day.Real-Time Payments are performed by High Risk Merchant Services®

Integrations? We have you covered!

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Processing For    High Risk Merchants

High Risk processing Pros
High Risk Merchant Services
High Risk Electronic Payment Acceptance
High Risk Processing


High Risk Processing


High Risk Processing



  • Adult Merchant accounts

  • Attorneys

  • Bad Credit History

  • Bail Bonds

  • Call Center

  • Catering

  • CBD Merchants

  • Credit Repair

  • Dating & Personal Websites

  • Debit consolidation

  • Diet programs

  • E-cigarettes

  • Educational seminars

  • Escort Services

  • Gun & firearms Sales

  • GSF Merchants

  • Home inspections 

  • Horoscope

  • IT software Services

  • Kratom Merchant

  • Live coaching

  • Loan Modifications

Hemp & CBD Oil Processor
merchant account high risk

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

When you want a payment program that's uniquely yours,

High Risk Merchant Services delivers a full transaction processing technology and maximum customization to support you in delivering High Risk payment processing and digital banking services.

Custom Payment Platform

High Risk Merchant Services Payment Platform is fully integrated to handle the flow of funds with speed and precision, so your customers’ money gets to the right place at the right time and your settlement process is smooth and seamless.


What People are Saying

There is not one processor out there that can do what HRMS does.The rest are just dust in the wind.

Thanks HRMS

“On Match list for year’s. One call from HRMS attorneys, done.Even got my money that was on hold back. Thanks HRMS

Love HRMS. My account and private Banking meets my needs, and more. No more holding my funds or any % being held. Thanks

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